New Products

Articulated Fishspine from Flymen
Bug Collars
10-0 Veevus Thread
12/0 Veevus Thread
14-0 Veevus Thread
16-0 Veevus Thread
6-0 Veevus Thread
8-0 Veevus Thread
Copic Large Air Can 180
Copic Standard Air Can for Airbrushing
AfterGlow Chenille
Nymph Head Fly Color Brass Beads
Baitfish Emulator Flash
Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips
Barred Ostrich Plume Piece
Barred Rabbit Strips
The Top Shelf by Cliff
Cliff's Headliner
Clear Cure Adhesive Eyes
Copic Complete Air Brush Starter Set with Large Air Can
Pat Cohen's Carp Dub
Cohen's Attractor Tails
Big Fly Fiber with Multicolor and Curl
Chocklett's Body Wrap
Cohen's Crayfish Creature
Cohen's Hellgrammite Creature
Cohen's Frog Legs
Cohen's Fugly Packer
Cohen's Fly Suede
Creepy Crawley Ice Dub
Crazy Legs
Copic Compressor and ABS3 Kit
Calf Tails
Daiichi 1260 2C Long Bead Head Nymph Hooks
Daiichi 1270 Multi Use Curved Hooks
Daiichi 1530 Heavy Wet Fly Hooks
Daiichi 2441 Traditional Salmon Hooks
Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Hook Hooks
Daiichi 3111
Daiichi 4640 hooks
Daiichi 4647 Black Nickel
Daiichi X Point 220 Hook
Daiichi X Point 710 Hook
Uni Dubbing Brush Wire
Dr Slick 4.75 inch Mitten Scissors
Dr Slick 5.5 inch Mitten Scissor Clamp
Dr Slick 5.5 Inch Scissor Clamp
Edge Bright
EP GameChangfe Fibers
EP UV GameChange Fibers
Ep Trigger Point International Fibers
EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 1 Inch
Swimmer and Burrower Tungsten Beadheads Nymph Head Evolution
Clinger and Crawler Tungsten Beadheads Nymph Head Evolution
Caddisfly Tungsten Beadheads Nymph Head Evolution
Stonefly Tungsten Beadheads Nymph Head Evolution
EP Wooly Critter Brush
Flat Diamond Braid
DNA Frosty Fish Fiber
Micro  Flashabou 1/100
Flashabou Magnum Holographic
Flashabou Predator
Holographic Flashabou Predator
Kaiman Vise by Stonfo
Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clip Sets
Stonfo Thread Splitter
Fish Skull Fly Tester Tank
Senyo's Fusion Dub
Sommerlatte's Grizzly 3 inch wide Foxy Brush
Grizzly Micro Legs
Hook Bowl Caddy
Holographic Flashabou
Omni Jaw for HMH Vises
Ice Dub
HMH Hook Holder Tubing
Loon UV Vest Kit
Loon Easy Dry
Loon Dust
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish FLOW
Loon Graffitolin Ferrule Wax
Loon Essentials Kit
Loon Phosphorescent Fly tying Powder
Loon UV Replacement Needles
Loon Nip n Sip Version 2
LED Camo Pocket Clip Light
Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker
EP Minnow Head 1.5 inch wide Brush
Micro Rabbit Strips
Petitjean Tool Rack
Magnum Predator Legs
Micro Pulsator Stips
Large Northern Bucktails
Omnispool Arbor Spacers
Ostrich Herl
Plastic Fly Rattle
Petitjean Premier FLIES Swiss Vise
Renzetti Saltwater Traveler Vise
Renzetti Traveler C -Clamp Vise
Senyo's Aqua Veil Chenille
Senyo's Chromatic EP Brush
Stripped Goose Biots
Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing
Small HMH Poly Tubes
Cliff SP Leaf instert for the Beast
Synthetic Quill Body Wrap
Sommerlatte's UV Blend Foxy EP Brush 3 inch wide
Nymph Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads
Fly Tying LED Vise Light
Roll Up Tying Tool Pouch
Magnum Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips
Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips
Thumb Grip Tungsten Tubed Bobbin
Petitjean Premier TUBES Swiss Vise
Dr Slick Tyer Gift Set
Zephr Economy Vise
Uni 8-0 Waxed Midge
UV Cure Ruler
Veevus Holographic Tinsel
Veevus French Tinsel
Wasatch Small Spool Ceramic Bobbin
Stonefly Wing Pad Cutter
Extra Select Craft Fur
Zudbubbler Popper Bodies