New Products

100 Denier Gel Spun Veevus Thread
10-0 Veevus Thread
12/0 Veevus Thread
14-0 Veevus Thread
150 Denier Gel Spun Veevus Thread
16-0 Veevus Thread
200 Denier Gel Spun Veevus Thread
30 Denier Gsp Veevus Thread
6-0 Veevus Thread
8-0 Veevus Thread
Copic Airbrush Starter Set
Copic Large Air Can 180
Copic Standard Air Can for Airbrushing
Articulated Fish Spine Fish Skull
Artic Fox Tail Hair
Alec Jackson Phantom Covert Nymph Hooks
Amadou Pad
Barred CDC
Barred Ostrich Plume Piece
Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap
Brush N Wing Fibre
Clear Cure Adhesive Eyes
Copic Complete Air Brush Starter Set with Large Air Can
Pat Cohen's Carp Dub
Big Game Clear Cure Dumbbell Eyes
Clear Cure Goo Premium Starter Kit
Clear Cure Goo Hydro Flex
Brass Cone Heads
Clear Cure Dumbbell Eyes
Hot Tip Crazy Legs
Copic Compressor and ABS3 Kit
Copic Sketch Markers
Daiichi 1750 Straight Eye Streamer Hooks
Daiichi 2220 4X Long Streamer Hooks
Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White
Deadly Dazzle
EP Fibers
EP Anadromus Brush
EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 0.5 Inch
EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 1 Inch
EP Wooly Critter Brush
Steve Farrar SF Blend
Fish Skull Fish Mask
Finn Raccoon Zonker
Real Fake Jungle Cock
Flashabou Accent Glow In The Dark
Fluoro Fibre
Flash N Slinky
Stonfo Elite Stainless Steel Bodkin
Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing Twister
Senyo's Freckled Predator Wrap
Fish Scale
Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Heads
EP Short Foxy Brush 1.5 Inch
Frizz Fibre
Grizzly Fibre
Pro Needle Hot Glue Gun
Hareline Boat Bumper Sticker
Hex Dubbing Whirler
Hareline Oval Sticker
Hmh Poly Tubes
Tyflyz Tools Hackle Tweezer
Iridescent Veevus Thread
Ice Wing Fiber
J:Son Realskins 6 Color Pack
J:Son Short Shank Ultimate Dry Fly Hook
J:Son Ultimate Dry Fly Hook
Lady Amherst Center Tail Feather
Large Foam Amadou Dryer
Loon Half Ounce Thick Uv Clear Finish
Loon Half Ounce Thin Uv Clear Finish
Minnow Body Wrap
Mirror Image
Marabou Strung Blood Quills
Mega Tying Pad
Large Northern Bucktails
Crank Handle by Omnispool
Linecare Box by Omnispool
Switchbox by Omnispool
Pattern Coloring Patches For Spray Painting Bodies
Poly Pro Braid
Senyo's Predator Wrap
Saltwater Neck Hackle
Senyodelic Bead Chain
Steve Far Sf UV Blend
Strung Guinea Feathers
Synthetic Quill Body Wrap
Mini Glue Sticks
Half and Half 3/4 inch Thingamabobbers
Tapered Slip Indicators
Tube Cone Heads
Underfur Hair Comb
Veevus Holographic Tinsel
Veevus Mono Thread
Veevus Pearl Tinsel
Zuddy'S Leg Puller
Slinky Fibre